About us


OUR MISSION:   To  install beautiful, inviting, outdoor hardscapes with 100% integrity, honesty, and hard work.

Stonescapes of WNY, LLC is built upon three things:

  • Integrity:  When we give you our word, we stand by it. Our handshake and contract go hand-in-hand. 
  • Hardwork:  When we arrive to install your hardscape, we will give it 100% of our attention. We will treat it like our own; paying attention to detail and not rushing just to ‘get the job done’.
  • Promptness:  We will return your phone calls and will show up at your home when we say we will. Period. If in the event an emergency occurs, you can still expect to hear from us. 


In 1992, Don Meyer graduated  with an Associate’s Degree in Landscape Design from Morrisville State college.  From that day forward, he was certain he wanted to be outside designing and installing landscapes and hardscapes.  He worked for 2 local companies before opening his own business 10 years ago.

In 2005,  Don began, ACT Home Solutions, LLC offering landscaping, hardscaping, and home repair services. As the business grew, it began to etch itself into one of  Western New York’s premier companies to install Paver Outside Living Spaces.  As the company continued to grow, it almost exclusively niched itself into the Paver world. As a  result, in 2013, Don decided to branch out and open Stonescapes of WNY, LLC. Stonescapes of WNY has found  its way into WNY’s backyards by continually building on its reputation and mission statement to install beautiful, inviting, outdoor hardscapes with 100% integrity, honesty, and hard work.


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Good Facts to Know:

outdoor_living_sideDid you know that according to a study by RealEstate.com landscaping & hardscaping can deliver a ROI (Return on Investment) as high as 150%? This puts it ahead of other popular home improvements such as bathroom or kitchen remodels/updates.

Also, According to RealEstate.com for every one dollar spent on upgrading an outdoor space or backyard, a homeowner can expect to get  back anywhere from 60 cents to $2. Now you arent necessarily thinking of upgrading your back yard for resale value, but it is nice to know that if you should ever choose to move, you will get a nice ROI.

What is the difference between Landscaping, Soft-Landscaping, & Hardscaping? According to Wikipedia; Hardscape means any hard surface landscaping such as a patio, driveway, retaining wall, or any other hard surface lansdscaping made up pf hard wearing materials such as stone, concrete, etc. As opposed to soft landscaping which is grass, bark, and other such items.